About Artristi

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Contemporary paintings and prints exhibited on Artistri have been recommended by the Scotland on Sunday as a great investment for the future. We showcase original contemporary art by graduates and exceptional undergraduates from Scottish Art Schools and make it easy to buy art online.


The creativity of Scottish contemporary art is evident and Artistri allows you to buy Scottish arts from our selection of rising stars at the beginning of their career. Award winning graduate art for sale has never been more accessible. Buy from our large selection of artworks: abstract, figurative, landscape, photography and more unusual; pieces covering a wide range of Scottish Contemporary Arts.

Unlike traditional art pieces represented through rock carvings, sculpture, apparel, and wooden artworks, contemporary art appeared as the result of modifications of trends that happened in the world due to various social and political causes. Contemporary art expressed a natural capability of artists in complicated forms. Though this art began at time of the  World War 2, it created a background for further development and connected ideas to individuals from different parts of the world.

The artists utilizing innovative modern technology brought their masterpieces from conventional painting and sculpting to the latest kinds of photos, movies, print screens and  earthwork. Recent changes in art styles and technologies from one side and people from another, made contemporary paintings highly demandable. That’s why it is quite common now to see them at the event places. However, the contemporary art work public auction assists individuals curious about art to know more about them and obtain pieces they liked the most.

With innovation in technology, many auction residences and art centers such as Artistri, started providing their accessibility online, which enabled art fans to reach auctions from any place, gain understanding about artworks and artists, participate in the bidding and buy pictures.  Appearance of internet auctions has boosted the market for the contemporary art and a lot of public auction houses are benefiting from it now.


Besides, internet auctions allow musicians around the world to share their feelings and knowledge concerning their creations and perform live workshops and presentations so that art patrons have sufficient knowledge prior to venturing into bidding process.